One day more for Anil Ambani, then it’s jail if he remains indebted

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Updated at 06:12 p.m ; 18.03.2019 


Anil Ambani, once of the wealthiest men in India is now in bad times as he has just one more day to pay Ericsson India 550 Crore Rupees.

Anil Ambani, owes the huge debts to the Swedish company for the maintenance services that they have provided for his RCom (Anil’s Telecom company). The 59 old business-man has no options left but to either pay the money not later than Tuesday (19.03.2019) or face a 3 months jail time.

The case RCom Vs Ericsson India is being fought in the Supreme Court and in a twist of turns when Rahul Gandhi is attacking Anil Ambani and the ruling government over Rafale, Kapil Sibal, a senior Cogress leader is appearing in court to defend Anil Ambani. In a recent hearing, when the judge questioned how and where the money will be settled, Kapil replied that they’ll (RCom) will seek the banks if possible which made everyone is court to burst into laughter.