New ‘World’s Tallest Building’ will be 1 km in height!

We are in the 1st quarter of 2019 and before its completion we have had so many new innovations in many fields and it is only surprising to know where we are headed.

When it turns 2020, there will be many new things to look forward to. One such marvel to behold is the unveiling of Jeddah Tower. Currently Dubai’s Burj Khalifa stands as the world’s tallest building but next year, it will have to surrender its title to Saudi Arabia’s  Jeddah Tower which will stand at a 1000 meters tall or should it be said 1 km tall!

Yes, this super sky-scraper will be 1 km tall and it will feature 167 floors. The construction cost of this spectacle is 1.4 Billion US Dollars (That is slightly $200 Million expensive than Mukesh Ambani’s  house Antilia) It will be at the center of Jeddah Economic City – a massive  project that wishes to turn Jeddah which has traditionally been considered as a doorway to the holy land of Muslims – Mecca and Medina.

It is designed by the American architect Adrian Smith who built the Burj Khalifa.  This new building will feature the Four Seasons Hotel (Hotels occupies from 115th to 156th floor), A grand shopping mall, Residential Floors and Official Floors. The first 5 floors at the bottom of the tower will be used as retail spaces. Residential floors start from 94th floor to 114th floor, occupying only 20 floors.

The 157th floor will be the level where the observation deck is located from where, in the future, the visitors/patrons can observe the surrounding from the astronomical structure. This kind of an attempt has not been made by anyone ever in history. 1 km tall building will be a new age wonder of the world and it will be hard for other nations to dominate it once it takes the throne.

Jeddah’s Economic City project wishes to transform the sand lands to a new Modern Eden.

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