Jewel One’s ‘Nishtaa’ is for all women who soar over struggles

Jewel One from the house of Emerald – a leader in the jewelry industry is proud to introduce the new Nishtaa series of collections for today’s women.

The Covai Mail sat with Nishtaa, Director, Jewel One to know more about this collection. We were intrigued to know what the name Nishtaa as in the jewelry stands for.  “Nisthaa is a powerful name which means profound meditation -a spark, an energy and an emotion to break all the struggles and soar above them towards success. I believe all women are living goddesses and they need to be adorned in a unique way that does them justice and that is how we have come with this Nishtaa collection.”

The aspiring female entrepreneur along with her vibrant team is focused on making the jewels available for all women. “Nishtaa collection is for every woman. We don’t focus just on the elite. Our idea is to give all the hard working women, be it at home or office, the honor she deserves. We have jewels for all of them. Affordability is not a hiccup in Nishtaa collection as jewels begin at even 1 gram.”

She further said there are several themes under Nishtaa collection including floral based, motifs based and color based jewels. “For the trendy and the traditional women we have so many elegant designs, which the customers can go through and customize”.

Jewel One doesn’t see Nishtaa collection as just a business propaganda. It transcends to a level that it aspires to celebrate the achievements of women through its #IAmNishtaa campaign.

“If you acknowledge somebody as an inspiring woman and if you wish to honor her during this International Women’s Day, you can write about her, make a video of her, and tag her in social media under the hash tag #IAmNishtaa.”

We learned that Nishtaa is more of a movement than a trade and we could get to know the vision of Jewel One through its director.

So, for this Women’s Day, if your desire is to honor the living goddess in your home and the empowering force in your office, do gift them the exclusive jewelry from Jewel One’s Nishtaa Line of Collection.