First Time in India, GKNMH introduces Philips EPIQ CVx

G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital (GKNMH) has been one of India’s leading hospitals to constantly take exemplary initiatives in promoting health and happiness of the patients. Whenever a new innovation, that could improve the health of innumerable people, dawns GKNM Hospital would purchase it to make it a catalyst towards the patients’ recovery.

Adding innovation to its arsenal of medical excellence is a feat GKNM Hospital has been known for and recently the hospital purchased Philips’ EPIQ CVx – Premium cardiology ultrasound system. It must be mentioned that GKNM Hospital is the first in the country to buy this equipment.

The equipment was launched by Dr. Ragupathy Veluswamy, CEO of GKNM Hospital in the presence of Dr. Vaidyanathan, Chairman – Interventional Cardiology, members of the Department of Cardiology and members of the Hospital Administration.

Dr.Vaidyanathan highlighted the features and benefits of the equipment.