Does Humanity Exist in today’s Era??

It’s been days since the terror attack on a CRPF convoy at Kashmir’s Pulwama district, but the anger in the minds of people fails to boil down. Each time there is a public outrage, it is the innocent people who bear the brunt and the ongoing Kashmir issue has no different story to tell. Kashmiri people living across India have faced severe criticism and backlash from the people, with reports stating that some Kashmiri students were asked to vacate their houses while a trader in Bihar was attacked just because he was from Kashmir. While all of this is going on at one end, our jawans are silently laying down their lives for the country.

Just days after the deadly attack, there came another encounter between the army personnel and the terrorists which lasted for 18 hours. The pre-dawn operation saw three Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) being gunned down. The death of three terrorists came at a cost as India lost Major Vibhuti Dhoundiyal of 55 Rashtriya Rifles to “indiscriminate fire” along with Havildar Sheo Ram and Sepoys Ajay Kumar & Hari Singh. The dead also includes one policeman and a civilian. All of these lead to a common question where is humanity? Our politicians make a hue and cry for salary and perks in Parliament but when it comes to the welfare of the nation, they simply turn around.

Men in power spend crores of Rupees are spent on foreign trips, hosting parties and buying bullet proof vehicles but why is it that our defense forces are ignored. It is the defense forces which needs all the facilities because they are the real heroes of the nation. Our soldiers toil hard in the rain and sun to protect us but there are treated with disdain when it comes to providing them with modern facilities. The latest terror attack saw the terrorists use Advanced Software to avoid detection….sounds crazy. Indian government cannot do justice to those brave hearts, for the fact that huge amount of money is collected from citizens in the name of taxes but at the end of the day, they are fooling people.

Pulwama attackers used an advanced version of a software called YSMS, which uses high radio frequency to communicate and unfortunately it is encrypted which is why monitoring devices used by Indian authorities couldn’t it up. But can this be termed as a suitable reason? Probably not! After all when terrorists can develop such a software, there is no reason why a nation with billion people can’t do it. The battle has been going on for years and people have been waiting in anguish but all our government does is giving compensation and a permanent government job to the kin. Meaning of life for men serving the nation has been lost due to white collar corruption and the day is not far when the country will see an uprising and get justice for themselves.