Run ‘RaceFor7’ Marathon to help suffering Children

PSG Hospitals has joined hands with Organization for Rare Diseases, India (ORDI) to conduct RaceFor7 Marathon in Coimbatore on March 3, 2019 (Sunday) to raise funds for the children who suffer from genetic disorders/diseases. In connection with this a press meet was arranged at the Seminar Hall of PSG Hospitals. Dr.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG Hospitals and Dr.M.Pradeep Kumar, Consultant Geneticist, PSG Hospitals addressed the press.

Dr.Pradeep conveyed that there are over 7000 genetic diseases in the world and there is a mere meager amount of awareness about these diseases among the society.

We learned that a great number of children suffer from genetic diseases that occur due to the defect in the genes of the children. When parents of such affected children could be made known of the ways to tackle them , then it will help them and their children greatly. When we asked Dr. Ramalingam, is there any medical drugs to treat the these genetic diseases, he said there is hardly any as the progress in finding drugs for treating these diseases is still in its nascent stages. “Unless  you have an organization, there will be no attention from people who can actually and that why we have come together” said Dr.Ramalingam.

He also wanted the people to know that through their support, enough awareness could be spread to make the world listen to the cries of the suffering children.

Through this marathon, PSG Hospitals and ORDI expect to raise funds to support the children who suffer from genetic disorders, and to promote awareness about the ways to fend these diseases.The marathon is on March 3rd at 7 a.m. It starts from Government Arts and Science College and ends at C.S.I.Bishop  Appasamy College of Arts and Science, Race Course Road. The chosen runway will be Race Course Road. Narain Karthikeyan, famed Formula 1 Driver will flag off the marathon.

Registration Fee is Rs. 299 for students and Rs.499 for others. T-Shirts, Refreshments and participation certificates will be provided.There will be no greater prizes than the honor of running in the marathon for the suffering children.  For registration contact:  and 7574893595,8754022880.