Rapido- Creating Jobs & Affordability

Coimbatore has been always known as a city with rich potential and since its declaration as Smart-city, things have further improved. It’s a city which has provided shelter to people of so many different states irrespective of culture and religion. A lot of international companies have also sprung up in the city and to woo tourists, as well as for people’s convenience, private players like Red Taxi, Go Taxi and most recently Rapido have started their own transportation services which can be availed from anywhere in the city and at any time.

Taxis can be a tiring and costly affair for those with meager income and that is where Rapido (bike taxi) became a hit. Its services are cheap and can efficiently negotiate traffic during peak hours. It is being seen as an ideal mode of transport, especially among the working professionals and students. Months after the introduction of the bike taxi service by the private firm Rapido, it has become a popular alternative to the cabs. Not only has it reportedly been gaining more customers, many seem to show interest in working for the service.

As an employee of Rapido, one has no fixed hours of work which is a big advantage for anyone especially college students. College students who come from weak financial background can work for Rapido as part-timers and get maximum benefit out of it.