Parents! Make your children spit the toothpaste

When we brush out teeth in the morning, many of the grownups too, think that bigger the amount of tooth paste taken will reduce the bacteria and preserve the teeth. But according to a recent study made in America by researchers have found that the quantity we take is not going to reduce the germs like we think it will.  An alarming data is found which stated that children between the age 3 and 6 take more than the advised amount of tooth paste and many of them swallow it.

This is not good for their health as the fluoride content in them will certainly disturb their stomach if this is continued often. Since all the tooth pastes taste minty and a little sugary, the children take them a lot. American Dental Association (ADA) announced that these children between 3 and 6 should take just a pea sized amount of tooth paste and over use of tooth paste will lead to diminished amount of enamel content in the teeth and also cause de-colorization into brown.

Although fluoride is good for teeth, over use of fluoride is not advisable and parents must ensure that they make their children spit the paste out. ADA also advised the grown-ups to take little tooth paste and brush the teeth twice.