KCT to host ‘YUGAM 19’

Kumaraguru Institutions has launched the 7th Edition of ‘YUGAM 2019’, presented by M/s.Cosmos and enhanced byM/s. UNIspotter. Yugam, a techno-cultural-sports fest will see a number of competitions, exhibitions and talk shows. The theme for YUGAM’19 is ‘Time’. The event begins on February and will continue till 9th of Februrary at the Kumaraguru grounds.

There will be a social campaign called Socio-Constant which consists of Adayalam- A campaign to bring back the lost tradition of Bomallatam, ImaikaNodigal, a campaign which will see joining hands with the visually empowered and Emerge where lives of Cyclone Gaja victims will be restored.

There will also be Pro-Shows conducted which will feature modern classical maestro Sid Sriram, Stand-up comedian Jagan Krishna of Evam, Alison Gabrielle, Cellist from UK and Rukmini Vijayakumar, Bharatanatyam dancer on 9th February.

Inspire India YouthCon’19, an aspirational youth conclave will take place on 2nd and 3rd February featuring  more than 30 speakers, four workshops, two panel discussions, young disruptor stories and startup stories where they will be a confluence of young minds where seekers aspire and icons inspire. Eminent speakers for this occasion will be Karthik Kumar, Co-Founder, EVAM, Annamalai IPS, DCP, Bengaluru, Dr.Akkai Padmashali, Founder, Ondede, Suresh Sambandam, CEO KiSSFLOW and Young Scientist Niveditha Mahesh.

Then there will be Dr.N.Mahalingam Trophy’19 featuring different sports at various levels will take place from 2-6th February. KCT Business School will also put up a mega shopping mela called Angadi where student entrepreneurs can show their talent. It will also feature AISA Awards on 9th Feb. which will showcase short films.