TNAU to offer training on “Bee Keeping”

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) will offer a day’s training on
“Bee Keeping” on the 7th of January at the Department of Agrl. Entomology.

Hands on training will be imparted on subjects like Identification of bee species and social organization of bees, Rearing Indian bees in boxes, general and seasonal management, Bee forage, yield increase of crops through cross pollination, Honey extraction and processing, Enemies and diseases of bees and their management.

Interested Candidates will have to reach the Department of Agrl. Entomology at their own cost, before 9.00 am and remit Rs. 500/- in person on the day of training.  Training will begin at 10 A.M and end at 5 P.M. Participants will also receive a certificate at the end of their training.