For the sleep the employees lose, the employer pays!

In most companies around the world, if the employees sleep at work or during a meeting, he/she is most probably fired the next moment. But in Japan, this is not followed. Japanese accept “inemuri” or the process of sleeping at work. They consider it to be an act of hard-work induced sleep. This code of tolerance has been in the country’s culture since a long time.

Studies found out that 92% of Japanese citizens who are above 20 complain that they get poor sleeping hours at night due to work. Inemuri is accepted in Japan but for that to be accepted, the employee needs to be a senior; both in age and experience.

But one company in Japan has gone one step further in terms of being lenient to its employees as it awards points to the employees who work late night and get only a minimum of 6 hours sleep for 5 days a week. The point it awards could be exchanged to buy goodies at its cafeteria. The total point it offers is estimated to be 570$ which if converted into Indian currencies would be more than 40,000 INR.

Crazy, a wedding planning company is that organization in focus. They have teamed up with Airweave, a mattress manufacturer whose propriety app can track the number of hours a person has slept. With that data, the company rewards its hard-working, less-sleeping employees. It has been proven to boost the productivity of the workers and the relationship between the employer and the employee has been so affable.

The company also has a nice comfy baby nursing chamber where parents can put their children to rest and even take time to take care of them for a brief period.