Brain-dead man bestows life on four

Ponnampalam was a 40 year-old man who was native of Erode and a resident of Saravanampatti. He was employed as a security guard with a private company. He suffered severe headache and giddiness besides experiencing multiple episodes of vomiting and was admitted to Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in the early hours of Tuesday. He was treated by a team of neurosurgeons under the leadership of Dr. K. Asokan, Chief Neurologist. Despite administering the best treatment, the patient showed no signs of recovery. Ponnampalam was declared brain dead twice in an interval of six hours on Wednesday.

His family came ahead and decided to donate his vital organs, thus giving a lease of life to four. While one kidney was donated to a patient at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, another kidney was sent to a private hospital in the city. His heart was sent to a private hospital in Chennai, the liver was sent to another private hospital in the city and his corneas were taken to an eye hospital in the city. Management of the hospital appreciated the bold move of the family to donate vital organs.

When life leaves our side, it is better to leave the best of us to the rest of us. Donating organs is really a noble gesture. We have to come forward to donate our organs.  It may be noted that Sri Ramakrishna Hospital currently holds the Guinness World Record for having “The Most People to sign-up as Organ Donors in a span of Eight Hours”.