Some cable TV operators have decided to derail the TRAI mandate – CITIZEN’S VOICE


The consumer is the king in the world of commerce. Companies exist to serve him and not the other way around. Very often this is forgotten. Same goes in the case of Cable TV connections. Although we have announcement from TRAI that the subscribers will have absolute control over selection of TV channels they want for their connection, a few cable TV operators in the city are known for their hard-stances to play the judge, jury and executioner.

The Citizen’s Voice Coimbatore – A consumer and environmental association, affirms that the people are wholeheartedly happy with the decision of TRAI but are doubtful of the commitment of the Cable TV Operators.  A press release from Citizen’s Voice said “The operators charge the consumers unreasonably and appear to have decided to derail the TRAI mandate.

They also refuse to provide the services of the State owned Arasu cable TV, as well. For the past over one decade, the consumers as well as the non-governmental agencies have been persistently pleading at various levels to control the monopoly of the cable operators and to prevent their exploitation of the services to earn unreasonable profit.”

Citizen’s Voice conveyed that not all Cable TV operators are going haywire over the rules of TRAI but reaffirmed that there are certain agencies who act not as a bridge but a blockade to the services the Tamil Nadu Government offers to the public. It requested the District Collector to look into the issue created by some of the aberrant operators in the city of Coimbatore.