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Time is like a river that keeps on flowing. Sometimes it moves swift like an arrow and at times it challenges a tortoise, but it goes on nonetheless. The time of education, especially college lifetime would be the period where a person can groom himself to redefine and reintroduce who he is to the world. It is a belief that every great employee and entrepreneur would have had a humble beginning and when life gives him the opportunity to look back at how he had built his legacy, that moment would be a priceless.

This is what The Alumni Association of PSG College of Technology had done to their alumni during the Alumni Congress 2018 which was organized in a grand manner on 22.12.2018.

Prior to the main event, the Pre Congress Event of the Alumni Congress which was aptly titled “Alumni Knowledge Connect with Students” was held on 21.12.2018. The Alumni of the college had come from different regions within our country and around the world to participate in this event.

The Alumni went to their respective departments and interacted with the present year students. They shared their delightful college day memories. The event acted as a stage for the alumni to share the progress in their respective fields, what are the industry’s expectations over the upcoming generations and how the young students can prosper in their career.It was a very interactive and engaging session. The students absorbed the ideas from the alumni. This event acted as bridge to bind the minor void between industry and education.

On the next day the Alumni Congress 2018 was held. The alumni of PSG Tech and PSG Polytechnic from 1955 to the recent 2018 batch attended the event. M.Ponnuswami, Chairman & MD, Pon Pure Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd, Chennai was the Chief Guest. He released the souvenir of the Alumni Congress.

In his address, the Chief Guest said that if a person is an entrepreneur he has to play by the rules. He advised the young entrepreneurs in the gathering to take care of the small things in business as equally as they give importance to the bigger ones. He wanted them to have goodwill among their customers. He further suggested that hiring professionals and building a good network with influential people will be a tremendous help to the business. For personal life, he suggested to have friends who are true. He counseled them to be a giver & to be grateful to those who helped during hard times.

Post his speech, the Young Alumni Awards were given to the chosen alumni of the college. During the program, 9 Alumni were honored with Young Alumni Award. The awardees were chosen from the pool of alumni of the recent 10 years starting from the class of 2008. If an alumnus of this duration has started a business of his own and thrived in it, secured a post in the Public Service Commission, or in a laudable post in the country or abroad, they will be chosen by the panel members. On this order, 9 members were honored. The Senior Alumni of the College were also honored during the event.

Madhu Baskaran, CEO, Samagra Progressive Learning Solutions was the Special Guest of the event. His speech was wholly about life. He said that we are all born with flaws but it is only when we correct ourselves, we redeem ourselves. “The years you live doesn’t matter but how you lived does!” said Madhu Baskaran.He asked the gathering to introspect themselves and change their perceptions when they encounter a persistent problem: “Change your perceptions and you can find the solutions to your problems”. He suggested the parents to give their children practical experience and the value of life and how precious it is to live life every day.

Under the outstanding direction of D.Nandakumar, the peerless President of PSG Tech’s Alumni Association, the office bearers of the Alumni Association, had worked extremely smart to make this event a grand success. K.P.Muthukumaran, Chairman, Alumni Congress’18, R.Balaji, Secretary, Alumni Congress 2018, K.Kesavan, Council Member, Alumni Association – Convenor and M.Arasu, General Secretary, PSG Tech Alumni Association were the pillars of great support to this event.