Significance of Tea

Every Indian household is familiar with tea. It is the first thing which both young and old prefer to drink when they wake up in the morning or to serve guests as well as when one feels stressful at work. All of this is fine, but how many of us know about the origin of tea? Perhaps, very few of us. This article, aims to shed light on one of the most loved and common beverages in Indian households. It is very easy to make tea and is quite popular among students, who burn the midnight oil to score well in their exams.

Talking about Tea and its significance in other countries, the beverage originated in Southwest China and was later on popularized as a recreational drink during the Chinese Tang dynasty during which it also spread to other East Asian countries. As far as India is concerned, it was during the British era that large scale production and commercialization of tea started.

After Assam and Darjeeling proved to be the best areas for tea cultivation, mountainous areas like Kumaon, Dehradun and Nilgiris were also inspired. Tea has undergone changes with too many varieties coming up like Elaichi, ginger, lemon and more. It is one beverage which is common among all people be it rich or poor.