Ramakrishna organizes World Aids Awareness

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Foundation for  Research in Women Wellness and Development along with Rotary Club of Coimbatore hosted ‘WORLD AIDS DAY’ recently at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women. The motto was to encourage Young Women to educate self and other women in the society who are at risk for/living with HIV. A handmade Poster making contest on the theme “World Aids Awareness” for all the students. Around 250 students participated in the contest. The event also saw an interactive awareness session where Dr M.Prasanna ,M.D.,Microbioligist, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital as well the Chief Guest for the occasion shared his thoughts very interestingly about the true facts of HIV and  taboo behind HIV  to the fellow young women with the flavor of humor.


Aparna of SRH came forward to share her thoughts on breaking the taboo and hesitant about HIV among Women but cautioned them to be more aware and be the messenger of change by being leaders of change.   Joseph Paul, President of Rotary Club of Coimbatore, Gurpreet Singh of Rotary Club shared their thoughts of being the Ambassador for the message of HIV and takes this message to the public. A  Mass Human Chain Formation by forming, the Symbol of HIV /AIDS to mark WORLD AIDS DAY and also to strongly represent as MASS MOMENT of Women to end HIV TOGETHER.