World Environment Day celebrated at KASC with Native Consciousness

World Environment Day, the most renowned day for environmental action, is celebrated every year on 5th of June under the slogan “Only One Earth”.

In this concern, Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India promote many activities to encourage and rehabilitate the environment.

The Department of Botany,  Kongunadu Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Coimbatore, conducted an activity, Initiating the Sustainable Campus Nursery for Mango Trees” for further enhancing Greenery on the Campus on 18.06.2022.

It was a day that remained for everyone on the planet to get involved in environmentally friendly activities. Dr. C.A. Vasuki, Secretary and Director, KASC, initiated the activity by planting the native mango sapling in our green campus.   Dr.M.Lekeshmanaswamy, Principal, Dr. S.R. Madhan Shankar, Dean,  Academics, faculty members, non-teaching staff members and students of Botany Department eagerly participated in planting the native mango saplings to create a green corner of “Mango Tree Nursery”.

Dr. C.A. Vasuki distributed native tree species seed balls. All were requested to plant the seed balls in their garden, in convenient or favourable places as a contribution towards a green, cool and healthy environment. The activities were accomplished with the wholehearted participation and awareness about our native tree species.