PSG Nursing honors Midwives – the Unsung Heroes!

PSG College of Nursing honored 11 midwives from various hospitals on the International Midwives Day on Thursday.

L.Gopalakrishnan, the Managing Trustee of PSG & Sons’ Charities presented the Best Midwife Award to the awardees in the presence of Dr.Jayasudha, Principal, PSG College of Nursing, Dr.Subba Rao, Principal, PSG IMS&R.

While addressing the gathering, L.Gopalakrishnan appreciated the college for organizing this workshop for midwives working in government and private hospitals to develop their skills in providing maternal and child health care.

He expressed that nurses and midwives are central to Primary Health care, hence strengthening the knowledge of midwives is key to reducing maternal and infant mortality.

Stating study made by sources that about 103 maternal mortality happens in 1 lakh delivery he underlined this huge number has to be reduced, and for that midwives need to reach out to places where their services are not available.

At this juncture, he said it is necessary to recognize and appreciate the midwives who have been instrumental in improving maternal and child health care. He said that others who have not received the awards today also deserve everyone’s appreciation. He appreciated all these unsung Heroes and commended the efforts taken by PSG College of Nursing needs to be acknowledged.

Earlier Dr.Jayasudha welcomed the gathering. She shared the important role played by Midwives in the health care sector, and why their valuable work should be recognized by all.  She added that a one-day workshop is organized to benefit the midwives by the college, and she expressed that it will be a fruitful experience for the participants. Organizing secretary of this event Prof. Priya formally rendered her note of gratitude.