Beating Non-Stop to keep your Heart Upbeat!

KG Hospital’s Comprehensive World Class Heart Centre

As humans we all are mostly afraid of getting sick, and it gets even scarier when we are confirmed to have major health issues like Heart Diseases.

Data from World Health Organization says that an estimated 17.9 million people died from Cardio Vascular Diseases (a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels) in 2019.

So, it is okay to be afraid of Heart related diseases. But is it wise to ignore this disease and let it advance to a stage that is lethal to life? NO!

KG Hospital, run by K.Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust, has one of Tamil Nadu’s advanced Heart Treatment Centres, offering world-class heart care to people of all walks of life in a way that is affordable and reliable.

The Centre has shared some valuable information about Heart Diseases and the solutions that are needed to manage them.

Master Health Check-Up at KG Wellness Centre

True to the saying Prevention is better than cure, heart diseases need to be prevented, if not then at least be diagnosed at an early stage. Neglecting to check prior and then worrying in the future is not what smart people do.

Even if you are a normal young adult, middle-aged woman, or an old man, early diagnosis of a heart ailment can be made by doctors in the Master Health Check-up Department. Going for this checkup at least once in a year is very important to detect and treat heart diseases.

Know about the Warning signals

Mild sweating, pain radiating to the shoulder or jaw, slight giddiness, slight weakness etc. denote a heart attack. When you are a diabetic, hypertensive, smoker and with mental tension, and if you encounter these don’t waste time either take a Loading Dose tablet as recommended by the physician or reach KG Hospital and seek its emergency support.

KG’s Emergency services

The Emergency Department at KG has 40 well-trained and experienced staff, working round the clock. A phone call from the patient’s home can alert the department, who will then deploy the Emergency Medical Transport (Intensive Care) Mobile Van to the home or office, accompanied by an emergency medical doctor and an emergency medical technologist.

The patient is attended immediately. Emergency diagnosis and treatment will be provided by the well-qualified doctors in Ward no.1 and 2 of the Emergency Department, at KG Hospital. If there is clot in the blood vessels, the team will swiftly administer a clot bursting technique called Thrombolysis, and stabilize the patient. First class emergency care services are available at KG Hospital, with full-time specialists, supportive nurses and emergency medical infrastructure to provide all care to save lives.

Note down the Emergency helpline line number, in case you need it 0422 – 222 2222

Cardiologist On-call

As further care is needed after stabilization, the Emergency on-call Cardiologist is immediately called to attend the patient. The specialist will then decide for Primary Angioplasty in the Emergency cath lab operation theatre on the 8th floor. A coronary Angiogram will be done to find the presence of a block. If its presence is confirmed, then ‘Balloon Dilatation’ and ‘Stenting’ procedure would be made.

Advanced diagnosis & additional care

The Cardiologist can perform a ‘Non-invasive 128 Slice Heart CT Scan’ to diagnose different problems like coronary artery disease or an aortic rupture or pulmonary embolism at the same time in one single examination. If stenting fails, or if the patients has triple vessel coronary artery disease, the Cardiologist will perform Emergency Bypass Surgery (CABG) or Valve Replacement. All these happen in a swift and smooth pace, giving assurance to the patient and their kin that quality care is being rolled out regardless of time or pressure.

Post-treatment follow up

Post-surgery/Post-procedure, the doctors observe the patient in the General or Special ward for 48 hours and discharge him.

After discharge, the doctors will hold a post-discharge follow-up routine, virtually. Video Consultation with dieticians, lifestyle specialists, physiotherapists will be rolled out so that the patients can avoid a second heart attack. And they report back to the hospital for a review to see the specialist.

Success Stories of Happy Patients!

KG Hospital’s Comprehensive Heart Center has many success stories of National and International patients who have been brought back to life. Like Subbulakshmi (97 years), Keith Gardon from UK and Ravi from London. Aston Martin’s Keith Gardon called KG as Kingdom of God!

The Heart Centre at KG Hospital is performing a splendid task of saving lives while providing the same standards as in the Western hospitals.