Ganga starts Adv. rehab facility for stroke, head injury patients

One of the largest orthopedic & plastic surgery specialty hospitals in India, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore has started a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility for stroke and head injury patients.

The hospital conveyed that people who suffer stroke, head injuries and spinal cord injuries and survive them could face serious paralysis, making them seek the support of another person to conduct many of their day to day activities. In some cases, the patients may also encounter death despite surviving those issues. Hence proper treatment and rehabilitation is needed.

This new center from Ganga Hospital has several state of the art facilities that can provide treatment and adv. rehabilitation therapy through specially trained skillful personnel. A multidisciplinary team of experts will work together to support the patients there with good infrastructure and high-tech instruments needed for getting back strong.

A press release mentioned that the Centre has been supported by many donors and particularly Rotary Club of Coimbatore Central. Because of the huge support from Rotary, the entire cost of rehabilitation will be highly subsidized. For patients who are totally unaffordable, the whole process will be done free.

The highlights of this centre are:

  • The facility is situated in the heart of the city in a wide space of 2.5 acres with a built-up area of 20000 sqf for rehabilitative purposes.
  • Many sophisticated machines worth more than Rs.3 Crores which are present only in advanced centres are equipped here.
  • Wheelchair clinic providing customized wheelchair for spine injured persons, and WHO standard wheelchair training area for the paraplegic wheelchair users.
  • Vocational training for spine injured persons- tailoring , aril art , book binding , paper pen making.
  • We also have in house orthotic centre which help the spine injured persons to get assistive devices like calibers, walker
  • The centre uniquely has a basketball court for wheel chair sports and has also hosted the State Wheel Chair Basketball tournament twice.

A unique hydrotherapy pool has also been established which will hasten the rehabilitation and provide the patients a unique opportunity which is present only in very advanced centres.