Expert speaks about Data, Info, Knowledge & Wisdom at DJAME

D.J. Academy for Managerial Excellence (DJAME) organized an event as a part of Corporate connect which is an Industry institution Interaction Initiative, in which Selvaraaju Murugesan, Data Strategist,, Coimbatore, interacted with DJAME students about  ‘Business Analytics – Trends’.

Selva, who works as a Data Strategist at SaaS Start-up and an expert in business strategy and data analytics, started the session by giving an introduction to data, in which he explained What is data?, What is driving the data growth? and What do we do with this massive data?

Then he took through the next part of the session which is intelligence, where he spoke on DIKW pyramid. In this pyramid D-Data is converted to I-Information by questioning the data on Who, What, When and Where, this information then gets transformed to K-Knowledge by questioning it on How and this knowledge gets transformed to W-Wisdom, This Data to Knowledge transformation in human will take years whereas a machine can do it few minutes and that is Artificial Intelligence (AI) he explained. He also shared the three main things that an AI can do. Lastly, he dealt in detail as to how business are leveraging on Data for making decisions, for risk management, in product decisions and service delivery with the help of real time cases.

The session was followed by a Q&A session. Students and Faculty members of DJAME and other institutions took part in this interaction initiative.