Upstox’s 2 services now accessible via Whatsapp

Upstox, one of the fastest-growing investment platforms in India, announced that it will now allow investors to invest in initial public offerings (IPOs) and open demat account through WhatsApp.

Upstox provides end-to-end support for IPO applications via WhatsApp, empowering customers by easing the process of account opening. Upstox had grown its customer base by 1 million in October 2021 alone, taking the total customer base to over 7 million. The company aims to increase its customer base to 10 million by the end of FY2022.

Upstox launched its new service on WhatsApp after launching a brand-new platform with user-friendly features and an intuitive design that makes investments effortless. Backed by extensive research, the new Upstox platform equips investors with an easy-to-use interface, handpicked market insights, and a wide range of investment choices.

The key highlight of the latest feature is that all investors, whether they are registered with Upstox or not, can now subscribe to any IPO, without moving out of the WhatsApp chat window at any point during the application journey. With this integration, Upstox aims to achieve a five-fold growth in IPO applications.

The entire journey of account opening has also been made quick, easy and accessible. It takes just a few minutes now to open an account with Upstox via WhatsApp. Tabs such as ‘Upstox Resources’ and ‘Get Support’ provide customers with direct access to FAQs and all the necessary information about Upstox in real time with just a click.