Rejuvenating Hydrafacial from ‘The Thol’

Advanced, Safe & Instantly Gratifying

Rain or shine, dust or smoke, our skin bears it all even though we don’t often give it the protection it requires. Our skin deserves a nice rejuvenation and definitely something better than the usual.

Dr. Janani Adityan, the Director of ’The Thol’ Clinic has introduced the state of the art ’Hydrafacial’ treatment in Coimbatore recently and it is making a buzz for its instantly gratifying results.

”Hydrafacial is a patented facial procedure that uses Vortex Technology. It is designed and manufactured in the US. Unlike parlors, in this facial we use serums that are extracted from plants, fruits, vegetables etc., so this facial is very different from what one could find elsewhere. The chemical content used in it is very low, and the serums are very safe,” she says.

”We then use vacuum to remove the dead skin cells first, then we extract/remove the blackheads, whiteheads, acne, skin pores, bumps etc. Our technology removes all these without causing any pain, which is another unique feature of Hydrafacial. The dead layer of the skin is removed and the fresh layer of skin is fused with peptides and Hyaluronic acid. Their main functions are to help boost colagen and to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. These quickly start to give your face rejuvenating glow,” she adds.

Dr. Janani says that though this is an aesthetic procedure, it certainly has its own therapeutic effects. For instance, acne prone patients have found Hydrafacial at The Thol very effective in managing their condition. The procedure also has anti-aging properties. So people with fine lines and wrinkles have been approaching The Thol for its latest facial procedure. While it is also suitable for men and women of all age, especially brides found this to be a cheerful procedure that instantly gives gratifying results.

When it comes to standards, Dr.Janani is very specific that she gives her patients and clients ’The Best’, hence the equipment in The Thol is state of the art, modern and advanced. Most of them are imported from the top players in US, known for their pioneering works and effective products.

”Hydrafacial is a patented technology and there are only two models of machinery that can do this procedure – Allegro and Elite. We have the authenticity certification for this equipment in our clinic, which assures our customers of its genuineness. The serums are also imported and we don’t add or replace the original with a local one. They are very expensive consumables. The Hydrafacial treatment that clients get here is the authentic version of it, hence this procedure will be above the cost normal facials offer. I don’t want my clients to have normal facial, I want them to have the best, and they deserve the best”

Apart from this, The Thol also offers services like scar reduction, pigment reduction, hair reduction etc.

“Soprano Ice platinum is one of the leading technologies used for Hair Reduction. ALMA-Q is one of the most advanced pigment reduction technologies in the world. It can help reduce uneven pigmentation even in the under eyes, underarms and lips. We have the best solutions for all skin, hair, nail, STD and leprosy here. I run The Thol Clinic with the mission that it should be the destination for complete dermatological care that is pocket-friendly for all,” she ends. For more, visit, call 9659455556