National Model Schools – Happiness through Care, Victory through Knowledge

National Model Schools are among the most sought-after institutions in Coimbatore for more than 30 years. Among the 4 schools under the banner ‘National Models Schools’, the National Model Matriculation Higher Secondary School is the first to start in 1987.

“Our school continues to be the choice of the public for 30+ years because of the well-organized, student-centric and holistic approach which we have been following since Day 1. All the classes in our school have very limited no. of students. Not more than 30 are admitted in a class. Our correspondent Mohan Chandar is very specific with that, and we follow that as the paramount principle here. By doing that we are able to provide equal attention to all the students in a classroom in a much effective way,” says R.Baby, Principal, National Model Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

The Principal mentioned that another valuable asset to the school is the Teachers, as they all are well-seasoned personalities in the field of teaching. “Most of the teachers have been teaching for 20 years, and they handle students really well. They know Happiness derived by exploring new things will make a child learn well. Hence they don’t just aim to complete the academic syllabus but get students engaged with the syllabus,” she adds.

“We encourage students to interact, raise questions and express opinions during the classes. Through role-play, drama, seminars and assignments, the students are made to learn the syllabus in an in-depth manner.  As we have setup built-in libraries in every classroom, the students are also encouraged to read their favorite books whenever they get time. Each student is provided a book to read, as per their age at different point of times. This helps in enhancing their reading habit, and this practice brings students closer to books. Our faculty notes their progress as a student, and maintain each student’s individual profile”

“Our senior faculty members are made class-coordinators and subject coordinators, and they aid other teachers regarding any academics related matters.”

“Apart from this, the experience of our teachers help them know whether a student is happy or sad, energetic or tired. If a student is slightly tired due to skipping breakfast, he is taken to the cafeteria, and only after he is nourished, he is sent back to class. The class teachers ensure that every child takes lunch wholly. Our attention is on their academic accomplishment as well as mental and physical well-being. This is just one aspect of the attention our teachers give to students,” she adds.

“The current year students between 9th and 12th grade are happily returning to the school, and almost all classes are witnessing 98-99% attendance. As the government has announced that schools can open from Nov.1, 2021, when we reopen, we are not going to entirely make students take books, and follow the chalk and talk method but make them get accustomed to regular school life. They have been at home for more than one and half years. We need to first make it comfortable for students to return to school. They should find it delightful to step inside the classroom ambience, and we are focused on that.”

The registration for admission for classes LKG to 12th std. for the year 2022-23 will open from Vijayadasami.  For admission related query, Phone : 2575544, Mobile : +91 99444 91119, 78679 91119.