National Model Schools open registration for Admissions 2022-23

vijayadasami holds a special place among many Indian cultures as this day is considered auspicious for children to set foot on the academic arena.

National Model Schools from PNP Educational Trust, have been one of the most sought after educational institutions especially by the people of Coimbatore for their children, for more than three decades with proven track record of excellence. It needs no introduction.

Besides providing Matri culation and CBSE educational system of education in its two schools at Peelamedu, the Trust runs The Origami Concept School, a new institution that follows IGCSE system.

There are three National Model Schools here, each with different educational Board but what makes these three schools the same and unique is the core idea that they hold close – ‘Every child is blessed with Potential for greatness, and we (the parents and teachers) should work together to make the students see their true self’

Every Child is Important:

“We try to discover a child’s potential from different angles. We don’t label their levels based on just one aspect. Some students may be expressive, and have in them the spark to be an orator, some may have flexible bodies, and the spirit to be a great performing artist. We give them a range of platforms and we find out their inner potential,” says Geetha Laxman, Principal, National Model Sr. Sec School, Coimbatore. “We strive to take all the children to their next levels, and we tell them that their competition is with themselves, and not with anyone else” she adds.

Individual Attention:

While we hear most schools setting their class intake to 30s and 40s, National Model Schools have kept their class strength to be not more than 25. The teacher–student ratio is always maintained at 1: 20-25.

“Keeping the students’ strength under 25 helps us to give undivided attention to all of them, enable us to individually assess the strengths of every child and know what are the areas that need to be strengthened. Teachers monitor and observe the children, and their progress. They keep a record of what each student is capable of”, the Principal says.

“We don’t stop with the observation, we analyze. The subject teachers analyze and then come to a conclusion before we take it to the parents. We tell them how their child can attain the next level. We believe that helping kids to realize their true potential is a combined effort – from our side and from the parents’, hence we give them the opportunity to meet our teachers on all Fridays” she adds.

“We encourage them to visit us at least once in 15 days. Meeting the teachers only at the end of the year or at the end of a term would not help much. Every progress has to be shared with the parents then and there, and we do that here”

In tune with the times:

Most of the teachers at National Model Schools hold decades of experience in teaching, beyond that they all believe that innovation needs constant updation, hence they continuously keep themselves in tune with the times.

The Schools themselves have been upgraded to deliver finest educational experience. They all have Child-friendly infrastructure, especially ergonomic furniture set up. All classes have smart boards so that even abstract concepts could be taught in the way that is most engaging to every type of learners.

“We can teach them, help them explore anything that is in the syllabus and under the sky,that is in connection with their well-being. To expand their knowledge-horizons, we bring in Subject experts to the school, and they give talks on various topics”

“Apart from our well stocked libraries, every classroom in National Model Schools has an in-built library with nice collections for pleasure reading along with reference books for their academic assignments and projects. We don’t make our students wait for weekly library hours.”

“We have an auditorium with 800 seating capacity in our Matriculation school that will be shared with our CBSE school which is just few steps away. The CBSE school has the facility and faculty to offer coaching for Tennis, Carrom, Throwball while our Matric school has facilities for Basketball, Cricket, a vast playground for athletics and much more, and students at the CBSE also make use of that.”

Knowledge & Health post pandemic:

Geetha shared that the schools have been well-connected with its students since the Pandemic-induced lockdown was announced to see to that the young minds don’t suffer from knowledge-deficiency during this unprecedented times.

Now that the schools are going to reopen for Grade 1 to Grade 8 from November 1, the faculty have planned to undertake measures to make school safe and fun for students first.

“We have had discussions with our teachers, coordinators and curriculum developers. There are chances that 100% of what we have given via online might have not reached the students entirely. So nourishing them with academics is important but first we are going to let them get accustomed to schools’ ambience first.”

“There will be many covid guidelines for them to follow, students will have to stick to their places, wear masks throughout the day, use only their stationery items, etc. So we will first let them enjoy the class without worries. Only after that we will gradually help them recall what we taught them in online mode earlier.”

As far as health-safety is concerned, Geetha conveyed that the school management has left no stone unturned in terms of ensuring safety of the student in the school campus. All the classrooms of the National Model Schools will be sanitized multiple times, the washrooms too will be periodically cleansed. 80% of the teaching staff, administrative and other non-teaching staff are vaccinated with double doses. Some are waiting for second doses but 100% are vaccinated with single dose.

“95% of our faculty’s children are studying in our schools, and to us all our students are like our own children, hence we take extra care in ensuring their safety. Our faculty and non teaching faculty have taken all measures to keep themselves safe for the safety of the students”, says Geetha.

“For the safety of students in Hostel, visits to homes have been limited to once in a month. Only after getting covid-tested they are allowed to stay in hostel. Same goes for day scholars and staff, for they will be tested for body temperature and then will be asked to sanitize their hands frequently in a day. If a slight variation in temperature exists, it will be checked and only after it is resolved they will allowed entry.”

Geetha says that though the schools have air conditioned classrooms and buses, keeping the health of students in mind, they won’t be turned on.

“Every possible measure has been taken to make our campus safe and ready to impart that quality education that we are known for. We will be opening our registration for Vijayadasami 2021 for the academic year 2022-23 only through online mode, to make it easy for parents to apply from the comfort of their home. Parents can rest assured that their children will be in safe hands at National Model School, and the students can feel confident that their academic and all other aspirations can once again take off well without any interruptions”, Geetha assures.