ICICI offers instant overdraft to amazon registered sellers

ICICI Bank announced that it has partnered with Amazon India to offer overdraft (OD) facility upto Rs 25 lakh to individual sellers and small businesses registered on the e-commerce company’s online marketplace, www.amazon.in, instantaneously and digitally.

Driven by API integration, the partnership enables sellers to avail an OD from the Bank in a process–from application to sanction to disbursement– that is entirely digital. Even customers of other banks can avail the OD facility from ICICI Bank, if they are registered as sellers with amazon.in.

Leveraging advanced data analytics, ICICI Bank has developed this new facility that functions on the back of an industry-first scorecard to instantly evaluate credit worthiness of sellers based on their financial profile including Credit Bureau scores.

The new credit assessment method offers significant convenience to the sellers as it does away with the paper-intensive bank statements or income tax returns for assessing credit worthiness. Further, it empowers small businesses and individual sellers who are ‘new-to-credit’ and ‘existing MSME borrowers’ to unlock the value of their digital transactions and get access to instant credit.

Sellers having current account with ICICI Bank can immediately start using the OD to meet their working capital requirements. Customers of other banks can avail the OD by simply opening a current account with the Bank digitally.