How Dependable are you?

A King built himself very strong fort so that even the toughest of enemies would have a problem getting in. soon after, his minister suggested that they should test things out. So both of them disguised themselves and walked up to the main gate.

They were stopped at once by the guard, who did not recognize either of them.

“Please let us in,” said the minister. We have an urgent business inside.”

“That’s not possible, sir. I need to get the permission of the security chief,” said the guard.

The minister urged the guard to let them in, and offered him a gold coin. Again the guard refused. Then the minister offered him a whole bag of gold coins. Tempted by the money, the guard allowed the minister and the king into the fort.

Then the minister said to the king, “Your Majesty, security is not about how strong your fort walls are. It’s about how dependable your men are.”


Source: Children’s Digest