Our world needs Fluent speakers & Good thinkers

-Uma Mohan Chandar, Secretary, National Model School

The Covai Mail has been in touch with the leadership team of the upcoming ‘The Origami Concept School’ from The PNP Educational Trust, which runs National Model Schools in Coimbatore and Kotagiri.

Uma Mohan Chandar, Secretary, National Model School shared a lot of interesting details about the areas where The Origami Concept School is aspiring to nurture its students in Coimbatore.

Flawless English!

English is a corporate language that also has ‘The Global Language’ status.  Around 1.75 billion people worldwide speak and understand English.

Though English is the medium of education in the majority of educational institutions in India, we can still see students, from all the States of our country, who have completed their school and collegiate education struggle to converse in English easily. There is either a total difficulty in speaking English or a huge amount of hesitancy. Golden career opportunities remain shut to many talented youngsters here because of the lack of communication skills.

We want our students to be excellent speakers, who are fluent in English. Making them proficient in English is one of the core objectives of The Origami Concept School, as it gives our students the edge in a global setting.

The primary years of schooling are spent on setting a strong foundation in the Language. Young children have the natural ability to pick up languages quickly. Tapping that potential, the lessons are planned and executed in a way that allows the children to build on speaking English that is flawless.

The educators of our school are able and proficient speakers by themselves and they aid the students in building strong communication skills. You can see our students progressing from beginner level to advance at a remarkable pace.

Our way of delivering education involves making the students to be interested readers. When a child finds joy in picking up a book, he/she is on the path to becoming a reader.

Every classroom of The Origami Concept School will come with a well-stocked mini library. The books will be handpicked to suit the age and grasping ability of the students.  Comics will also be a part of the books in this library.

The fascinating tales and stories of adventure, among other genres, are set to surely trigger the curiosity in the young minds, and make them foster the habit of reading, as they will have frequent reading opportunities within the classroom.

The students will receive the assistance of the teachers when they come across tough words or find words that are hard to pronounce. From a very young age, they will build their vocabulary-arsenal and the habit of reading.

Profound Thinkers!

Reading is not just enough to nurture young minds. We wish to make them Good thinkers. Making them to think is a focal point in our teaching process. Every subject at The Origami Concept School offers opportunities for students to think in a critical fashion.

Teachers play a big role by sometimes asking open-ended questions and other times by guiding their thinking process. Critical thinking often happens when children have time to practice making-choices, plan their time, or create from nothing. Slowly and steadily students will begin to see critical thinking as a culture rather than just an activity.

The goal here is not to make them blindly memorize everything that is printed in a text-book but make them understand a concept, appreciate the beauty of a poem, make them good conversationalist, and most of all give them room to ask ‘Why?’ in the classroom.

Our promise is to build a community of students who care to think critically and make great conversations!