PSG iTech hosts 2nd Graduation Ceremony

The Second Graduation Ceremony of PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research (PSG iTech) took place on Saturday, at PSG Convention Centre. Prof.M.K.Surappa, VC, Anna University was the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

272 graduates belonging to the 2015-19 Batch received their degree certificates from the Chief Guest in the presence of G.R.Karthikeyan, Founder Trustee, L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities, Chandramohan, Principal, Mohan Ram, Secretary, PSG iTech.  The batch has 14 Anna University toppers.

Time to redefine the boundaries of your knowledge

-G.R.Karthikeyan, Founder Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities

The Founder-Trustee took a moment to share some of the highlights of PSG iTech and also underlined a few laurels that this 2nd graduating batch from the college has to its credit.

He conveyed that since its inception, PSG iTech has been ranked in the top-3 positions among all the non-autonomous self-financing affiliated colleges in Anna University semester examinations.

The overall pass percentage of this 2nd Batch is 93.4%. 14 graduates have secured Anna University Ranks. 80.6% graduates have been placed in top notch companies, and the graduates’ median salary is Rs.4.25 lacs per.annum. At the same time he told the graduates that it is time to redefine the boundaries of their knowledge.

Talking about education on a national and international level, he said “In the years ahead, education will have numerous choices. With the introduction of NEP2020, all highest educational institutions will become multidisciplinary.”

“Selective universities among the top countries in the world may operate in India and high performing Indian universities may set up campuses in other countries,” he said.

He wished the graduates to make a positive impact in the society, as they are graduating from one of the finest technical institutions in the country, and they shall be carrying the legacy of PSG to different parts of the world.

Our Country needs Progress, not mere changes

Prof.M.K. Surappa, Vice Chancellor, Anna University

The VC congratulated the graduates and spoke to them about two important words – Changes and Progress, in connection with Technology and Society.

Changes are born with the introduction of a technology but progress is born when everyone in the country enjoys those benefits to the fullest.

He stressed that Progress for a person should not just be about getting good pay, moving ahead with better career positions or comforts and convenience. It should be about making lives of people around them become robust and progressive.

‘In the modern 21st century in which we live, there is a series of technological revolution but are these facilitating progress in lives of all people?’, he questioned.

Some technologies are making lives progressive; for instance, the Smart Phones. He said that even an illiterate from a rural region can do what an elite in the urban areas can do with the smartphone in hand today. From the transfer of money, booking tickets for travelling to much more other things, all could be done well by the rural populace. This is progress!

He said that the pace at which technologies grow at present is unimaginable. In spite of such accelerated improvement in technology, we have failed to leverage them for our benefit to prevent this pandemic, and collect enough info to fight another one.

He said that Big Data is a field where many researchers and companies work. It could have been utilized to gather data on the first signs of the virus, the infection testing stage, hospitalization phase and the roll out of vaccines.

The world could have gathered all these data and mine it for critical information needed to avert another disaster, but not all nations that are in the field of Big Data have done that.

We could learn more about how COVID-19 spread, evolved, how have we given treatment and how did we allocate medical resources, and improve in these areas. Entire world did not do that effectively, he said.

He underlined that as much as we the people behind a technology are interested in bringing it to the world, we must see that it benefits the world, and that includes everyone in it!

He requested the graduates, who are already employed in leading engineering or tech-industries, government services, the ones pursuing higher studies or those who are trying to start their own venture, to not let the same mistake repeat in the coming future.

Make our Country Progressive!

Progress of a country cannot be just evaluated with its GDP or Per capita income.  Though USA has all the wealth in the world, it is at the 28th position in the Social Progress Index, whereas Norway is in the no.1 position.

Surappa said that a country’s Progress can be measured by parameters like people’s access to education, healthcare, the environmental quality, sanitation, housing facilities, stopping the exploitation of resources, prevention of crime, the state of the political system, etc.

He urged the graduates to ensure that large number of people of this country get the benefits of the breakthrough technologies, and also use these techs to make the world a better place for all.

“The Knowledge that you have gained, skills you have obtained should be utilized to make society progressive,” he stressed.