Health Basix, SRH to boost Manchester Intl.School’s defence

Health Basix, a digital Health Platform and In-School health provider announced that it has partnered with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital to provide In-School wellness services to Manchester International School, Coimbatore.

Towards this endeavour, a MoU was signed between Health Basix and Manchester Intl.School recently.

A press release mentioned that this initiative is to ensure that along with their personal wellbeing their mental and emotional wellbeing of the staff and students are taken care of by professionals.

Swathy Rohit, CEO  Health Basix and SSM Priya, Correspondent, Manchester International School were the signatories of this MOU. Among those present were P.S. Moorthi, Chairman, Manchester International School, C.V. Ramkumar, CEO, SNR Sons Charitable Trust & Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals, Rajesh Vasudevan,Head of School and Nandhakishore, Head of Marketing and Project Development Manchester International School.

“Our nation’s schools are on the front lines of pediatric healthcare and are faced with a great number of challenges year after year, whether it be managing the rise in chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, and mental health issues among students, or helping keep the students protected from the inevitable peak of flu season or covid,” said Swathy Rohit , CEO Health Basix .

Health Basix provides a unified health record, the ability to run school health programs efficiently & safely and access to emergency health services, at schools.