What makes Crompton Fans the Best?

Crompton Highspeed Fans which have been a favorite choice of people in Tamil Nadu for more than 20 years, shared some interesting data and the reason it remains no.1 in the state.

In the last 4 years, Crompton Highspeed Fans from Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. has sold 1 crore fans in India.  Is it just the name or there is more to Crompton Highspeed fans, we often wonder. The company has explained what makes them the best in what they do. Crompton said it has engineered its Highspeed Fans to give both best-in-class “Speed” as well as “Air Delivery” to its consumers.

The Uniqueness behind Crompton Highspeed:

The fans focus on more than just the high RPM of a fan (Rotation Per Minute or speed of rotation of the fan that gives comfort) and emphasizes on the CMM (Cubic Metres per Minute). This is the volume of air pushed out by a fan per minute or the measures of the Speed of Air that is pushed out.

The Crompton Highspeed Fan has a high RPM of 370 as well as a high Air Delivery of 230 CMM, offering a much superior performance than any other fan. With a 2 PC construction and an aluminum body, this fan is the champion of durability, high-quality and trust backed by a track record having sold over 1 crore units.

These fans deliver not only a high speed of rotation but also the best-in-class ‘Air Delivery’ and “Air Comfort” more than any other fan ensuring comfort and ease. The fan comes with an array of colors like Ivory, White and Brown and its price ranges from Rs. 1800-1900. This summer, make sure that you hydrate your body and cool your house.