We need to be prepared for future diseases – PM Modi

“Covid-19 has taught us that we need to be prepared for future diseases too. So it is important to strengthen all aspects of the health sector — from medical equipment to medicine, from ventilators to vaccine, from doctors to epidemiologists,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

He was speaking at the webinar on the Effective Implementation of the Provisions of Budget 2021 in Health Sector. In his speech, he called this year’s budget allocated to the health sector as Unprecedented.

In his speech he placed the current regime over Congress’, and called his government’s approach to health sector as holistic. “Our approach towards the health sector is different from that of the previous government. Our approach is holistic as it encompasses cleanliness, nutrition, wellness, the prevention of diseases and all other allied sectors. Before, the health sector was fragmented,”

The PM praised India’s health sector which he said has been an example to the world. He said the world will seek more of India’s help in health related areas. He added that the time is now to make healthcare’s affordability and accessibility attain their next level.

Talking about the escape from Covid-19, he said both government and private players have made significant contributions; “last year was a test for the country as well as the world. We have been successful in this fight and the credit also goes to private sectors.”

He acknowledged other sectors, whose demands for higher allocation was not met. “There might be some sections which did not get the expected allocation, but this is not the last budget. So it is time to get going and put the money to the best use as fast as possible,” PM Modi said.