PSG’s Staff Day is for all connoisseurs of Good Education

–     Dr.J Radhakrishnan IAS at PSG Staff Day 2021

PSG& Sons’ Charities celebrates Staff Day on February 20th of every year to commemorate the life and contributions of Dr.G.R.Damodaran, the Founder of PSG College of Technology and PSG College of Arts and Science. Several staff of PSG Institutions are honored on this day for their meritorious services.

Though the games and special programs that usually take place in connection with Staff Day was shelved this year, Staff Day 2021 witnessed the re-launch of the book ‘The Teacher in You’ penned by Prof.G.R.D and that is now edited by Dr.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG IMS&R. The Chief Guest of this event was Dr.J Radhakrishnan IAS, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Vision of Dr.G.R.D:

K.Prakasan, the Principal of PSG College of Technology after welcoming the gathering shared the vision of Dr.G.R.D – “Education deals with human growth in mind, spirit, character and effective behavior. The habits and attitude a student acquires, the interests that he cultivates, the ideals that is learned to practice… all these become the basis for an individual’s future growth and the basis to the prosperity of our nation.”

Nation Building was Dr.G.R.D’s prime concern:

L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee of PSG & Sons’ Charities said “Education and its development were his(GRD’s) breath. Nation-building was his prime concern. He had educated more number of men and women in the Engineering who could not have afforded college education at all. These men and women have grown large and have contributed to not just their alma mater but to the city and country.”

Talking about the book ‘The Teacher in You’, he said it highlights the importance of teaching in shaping the minds of students, and also points to the methodology of teaching and ways to make it more effective. He wished that all teachers who wish to excel in their work read this book, and get benefitted.

This book is a Great Tribute:

The Chief Guest Dr.J Radhakrishnan in his virtual address said that PSG’ Staff Day is not just for their institutions but it is a very prestigious day for all who are connoisseurs of Good Education.

He appreciated the editing and contribution made by Dr.S.Ramalingam in this second edition of ‘The Teacher In You’. “It is very difficult to replicate what was done in the beginning by Dr. G.R.Damodaran but the kind of work that has gone through in this second edition is something remarkable”.

Talking more about the book, the Chief Guest said that he admires how the book covers various aspects of education – it talks about educational practices in ancient India, how there has been a gradual modification in the teaching, how the teachers themselves have ensured that they become best in what they do and pass on the right set of skills and knowledge to their next generation. He appreciated the way this book is designed: like a work of art, and called it a great tribute to Prof. G.R.D.

The Teacher in You : Who is this?

Editor of this wonderful book, Dr.S.Ramalingam shared some of its highlights. He said that while teaching is a profession, there will be people getting worldly qualified for the profession but that is not all about being a teacher.

Dr. GRD distinguishes an inner teacher from the teacher; just as there is a soul to the body, there is an inner teacher within every teacher. It is this inner teacher who has been animating Prof.G.R.Damodaran, emphasized Dr.Ramalingam.

While Dr.GRD could have plainly called his book ‘A Book on Teaching Methodology’, there should be a subtle thought process happening in his mind, and that must have made him name his book ‘The Teacher in You’, theorized Dr.Ramalingam. The book talks about the philosophy of teaching and education, he added.

He further said that while editing this book for this new publication, he has sprinkled quotes from men of lofty thoughts, and has made the language of the content to be poetic than prosaic, to enrich the pleasure while reading. He also encouraged the people in attendance to read the epilogue, as it talks about eternal values that should be somehow linked and presented in the classroom teaching by the teacher.

In the chapter titled ‘They also serve; who stand and wait’, attention has been given to students who are called ‘Slow Learners’ in academic circles. The neurobiological matters in our body are responsible for a student’s easy absorption of concepts in academics, conveyed Dr.Ramalingam. If a student does not raise up to the expectations and performs poorly, he is generally called a failure.

He said that Teachers play a great role in giving courage and confidence to students, and in this chapter, enough space is given to teachers on how to handle slow learners.