Siruthuli – BOSCH work towards restoring Sengalipalayam Check Dam

Coimbatore’s well-known eco-NGO Siruthuli started the process of restoring and rejuvenating the Sengalipalayam Check Dam recently. It has partnered with Bosch towards this objective.

Built some years ago, this check dam has now turned to be less productive and useful to the villagers and to the land, due to the blocking of its supply channels primarily because of garbage and overgrown bushes.

After making a study, Siruthuli decided to restore this check dam with the objective to conserve rainwater and enable groundwater percolation to improve the ground water table.

Bosch, a frequent collaborator with Siruthuli has come forward to sponsor the project as part of their CSR initiative. On completion of the project this Check Dam will be able to hold 48.6 Million litres of water.

A press release from Siruthuli conveyed that children from the locality were extremely interested to know what is going on with the check dam. They showed readiness to learn about water table and take up the mantle of conservation of this check dam.

The curiosity and enthusiasm of children brought adults to the inaugural area. After learning how garbage disposal near the dam’s location affects the dam’s functioning, the elders agreed to take care of it after its restoration and keep wastes away.