Amazon Seller grows business 3 times over!

Mohammed Rafi, the director of SARFBazaar, an electronic retailer began his entrepreneurial journey in 2009 with a small retail outlet in Chennai. Having established a strong presence in the offline, he was on the lookout for opportunities to expand his business.

When he opted to sell on Amazon, he was taken by surprise by all the support options made available to him. From a dedicated seller central portal that provided him complete visibility into his operations, 24×7 support, and a wealth of online resources like tutorials and videos available on Seller University, he was able to quickly learn the basics of selling online. This enabled SARFBazaar to navigate the e-commerce space swiftly, and begin a renewed focus on selling online.

Once a retail outlet catering to the masses of Chennai, SARFBazaar has now since tripled its growth and sales; the business which initially had one person handling its operations has now expanded to having a team of 85 employees.

Mohammed Rafi said “With Amazon, our online and offline business go hand-in-hand and the business growth I have witnessed has me convinced of the value of the online marketplace in helping create a lucrative source of supplemental income. We used to be a team of 25 when we began and now, we have grown to 85 employees solely dedicated to our Amazon operations. While the pandemic affected businesses over the world, selling online enabled us to continue growing, with our increasing by 2x during this time. I look forward to expanding my business with Amazon and entering new markets and verticals soon.”