NEP-2020’s proper implementation will determine its success

-Dr.S.R.K. Prasad, Correspondent, Coimbatore Institute of Technology

For many years, academicians, parents and even students have been saying that proper attention to school education system is very crucial in bringing up competent individuals who can look at higher education with confidence.

Dr. S.R.K. Prasad, Correspondent, Coimbatore Institute of Technology opined that the National Education Policy 2020 will put school education on a strong footing.

From the foundation stage, consisting of 5 stage right through up to the secondary scheme, the student will be ready in all the course subjects like science, mathematics, arts, social science and humanities. The students will also have greater depth in knowledge, critical thinking, greater attention, life aspirations, greater flexibility, culture and students choice of subjects.

While a part of the public have expressed difference of opinion with the three language formula, and also due to various political parties’ protest and demonstrations, three language formula has not earned massive public support in Tamil Nadu. But Dr.S.R.K.Prasad has said that it is most welcome initiative because it would propel the students to greater heights in their careers both nationally and internationally.

He also said that the application of knowledge acquired from the classroom to real world complex problem is one of the highlights of the new educational policy. The flexibility to choose subjects and to learn at one’s own pace will go a long way in shaping the future career of the students. Adequate infrastructure with ICT based learning will empower the students to catch up with all the latest technologies (Industry 4.0) which will help the youngsters of India to compete in the global world.

The implementation of this policy involving the centre and various states will be very crucial for the success of this policy. Timely infusion of requisite resources – human, infrastructural and financial at the centre and state level will be crucial for the satisfactory execution of the policy. The proper implementation will move India on to the forefront of the global map of the developed world.