Farmers resolute to repeal laws ; PM says they are misled !

While the protest of the farmers in Delhi against the farm laws is not showing any signs of slowing, PM Modi said the farmers are misled. He added there is a conspiracy underway to mislead the farmers.

He said these on Tuesday while he was in Gujarat’s Kutch district where he laid the foundation stone for many major projects. The Prime Minister met some farmers in Gujarat earlier on the same day and is reported to have held some discussions with them.

His meeting with the farmers in Gujarat is a nice gesture but it must be mentioned that he did not meet the thousands of farmers who are protesting in Delhi.

So far the talks held by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Agriculture Minister NS Tomar with the farmers have not achieved significant common ground. Even Union Home Minister Amit Shah met the farmers recently (on December 9) but the result remains the same. The farmers in Delhi are very certain of what they want – they demand that the farm laws be repealed for good.

While the scenario is this intense, the PM had declared at Gujarat that the farm laws have the support of almost the entire country.

The Telegraph reported the PM saying “I believe, our government’s honest intentions, honest efforts, which have the blessings of almost the entire country, the blessings of farmers from every corner of the country… the strength of the blessings would defeat those trying to mislead and do politics”

Modi was very certain that the farmers are misled and the laws are welcomed by entire country, but the thousands of farmers in Delhi don’t seem to share this feeling.

On Wednesday, the farmers at Delhi-Haryana had to endure 11 degree Celsius. A protesting farmer said that they are used to the cold weather and registered that they are farmers with strong will and bodies.

The Supreme Court suggested on Wednesday to form a panel consisting of farmers and centre.


– David Karunakaran.S