IBM to enhance Emerald’s connection with customers

Coimbatore based Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited announced the launch of Tej mobile application, which is it latest measure to enhance it connection with its customers

World’s leading tech giant IBM has developed the mobile app for Emerald which will feature the five lakh + jewelry designs of the jeweler. Tej is a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled mobile application platform powering the B2B business of Emerald Jewellery in India.

“The app can connect Emerald Jewellery with its~200 dealers, enabling them to search through a growing catalogue of over 500,000 jewellery designs quickly and navigate the complex ordering process easily” , a press release said.

“Our business model is B2B sales where we sell to wholesalers, dealers and large retail chains. With an in-house design team of 170 manual and computer-aided designers based out of Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata and Coimbatore, we have built a design bank of more than 500,000 designs. We introduce more than 2000 new designs across categories every month. This is one of our greatest strengths and there is a need to showcase this to our customers and expand the design range for jewellery retail in India,” said  K Srinivasan, Managing Director, Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited.

He added, “Tej will help us showcase our designs seamlessly and allow our customers across the country to order the latest trends in jewellery design, at the click of a button. I am also happy to share that the Tej mobile app enabled us to reach out to our dealers in spite of the restrictions laid down by the COVID-19 lockdown.”