PSG Hospitals’ Vaidya to provide home-based healthcare services

PSG Hospitals launched a new healthcare service called ‘PSG Vaidya’ on Tuesday. This is a home-based healthcare service from PSG which can be utilized by both normal patients and those who need palliative care. This service is launched in association with Coimbatore Cancer Foundation.

Speaking to Dr.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Speciality Hospitals, it was learnt that Vaidya is designed keeping in mind of the patients who suffer chronic diseases, and also those who cannot make it to the hospitals for their regular medical ‘Out-Patient’ check-ups (due to age, sickness, transport or connectivity issues)

Dr.Bhuvaneswaran  said “some patients will have to meet their physician every month, but they may not be in the condition to move out of their houses.  On the other side we will have people living with a serious illness, like very advanced stages of cancer, heart diseases, lung ailments, pancreatic disease, renal issues etc.”

“These patients need specialized medical care that can improve the quality of life they are living at present and provide them support on physical and emotional level. Such care is called Palliative care”.

“Under PSG Vaidya, we will provide home-based healthcare service to those who seek our assistance. A doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapy and a counsellor will visit the patient’s house and provide supportive treatment. Only if these patients need to be admitted in the hospital, they will be asked to come in person.”

He further said that initially these services will be provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After examining the volume of requirements among patients and discipline, expansion of time and services will be announced.  The service of Vaidya is applicable within the 25-30 km distance from the hospital.

A press-release from PSG Hospitals said that under Home-based care, ‘Vitals & General check-up, Hypertension Management, Diabetic Management, Physiotherapy Mobilization, Wound Dressing, Sponge Bath, Ryles Tube Insertion, Urinary Catheterization, Ostomy Care (Tracheostomy / Colostomy), Blood Sample Collection, Patient-Focused Care’ will be provided.

Those in need of  ‘General Counselling ,Nutritional Counselling, End of Life Care Training for Family & Caregivers, Bereavement Support can also seek PSG Vaidya’s services.

To avail the services, dial :8220013330