Ola in plans to launch e-bike – reports

India’s most successful ride hailing company Ola may launch its e-vehicle in January 2021, if hints from sources are to be believed.

In the recent few days it is being said that Ola might also manufacture and sell e-vehicles in India and across the globe in the near future. Reports are coming in that the first e-vehicle from Ola will be an e-bike and that will come straight from its subsidiary in the Netherlands – Etergo. PTI reported the same.

Of course, there has been no official reports from Ola Electric but if we look back a little, it seems there is a high probability that this claim may not entirely be a rumor.

On May 2020, Ola announced that it has acquired Etergo BV, an innovative electric scooter OEM, based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands for an undisclosed sum.

Etergo is known for introducing the multiple award winning electric vehicle called Appscooter which garnered great recognition from the e-vehicle global community. After Ola’s acquisition, it officially welcomed Etergo’s co-founders Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse to the Ola Electric’s fold and made it clear that it will be working with them and build a suite of electric and smart urban mobility solutions for global citizens, both in India and around the world.

Ola Electric announced on May 2020 that it aims to launch its global electric two-wheeler in India in 2021. So if everything goes well according to the initial plans, we might see Ola’s offering a green urban transport solution much sooner.

Ola may face a challenge from the already established Bengaluru based Ather Energy which is also into e-scooter manufacturing.