Lohind TMT bars with tempcore technology launched in Covai

Kerala based Minar Group of Companies  announced on Friday that it is entering the Tamil Nadu market space with its Lohind TMT Fe 500 D Steel bars.

The product was launched for the first time in Tamil Nadu at Coimbatore by the company. Actor Arun Vijay and Mohammed Shafi, Managing Director, Minar Group of Companies launched Lohind TMT Steel bars.

Speaking to The Covai Mail, Mr.Shafi said “Lohind TMT Steel Bars has Bureau of India Standards (BIS) Certification. We have planned to offer it at an affordable cost. This product comes from the house of Minar Groups, which is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the country. We have spoken with leaders from the construction industry in Coimbatore and have conducted surveys, and we have also spoken with many local dealers. We will introduce our product in the next ten days in the market and after seeing its reception, we will decide on introducing Lohind TMT bars in neighboring districts.”

A press release from Minar mentioned that after seeing the progress of Lohind in Coimbatore, the company will decide on making a  One Hundred and Fifty Crore Rupees investment in the district.

Minar group also manufactures another product called Minar TMT Fe 500D. “Minar TMT is India’s one and only steel manufacturer accredited for Tempcore Certified from the Centre for Research in Metallurgy, Belgium.”

Minar TMT Fe 500D is a premium product manufactured under Tempcore technology and Lohind Fe 500D is also produced using the same Tempcore Technology.