Your knowledge should alleviate the pain of society

 – Shashikanth Jayaraman at Induction Program of KIT

KIT – KalaignarKarunanidhi Institute of Technology, Coimbatore held its virtual induction program for first year and lateral entry students on Friday. More than 600 participants including the students, the Management, Principal, Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty members took part.

Shashikanth Jayaraman, Vice-President – Global Human Resources, MulticoreWare Inc., delivered a special address to the freshmen of various departments.

He congratulated all the first year students for their successful completion of +2 and entering KalaignarKarunanidhi Institute of Technology, which is one of the highly reputed engineering institutions in Coimbatore.

In his address, he said that for a student, life is full of competitions starting from LKG all the way to +2, and the latter is the first major challenge in life for them.

“Every first-year student of a college is a VIP. The colored dress you are going to wear from the first day in your college is not just symbolizing freedom to enjoy but freedom to decide the good things for yourself. ”, underlined Shashikanth.

He said that they may have entered this college as just boys and girls but when they leave the campus, they will be men and women with a degree that makes them not just competitors within the State of Tamil Nadu or India but with an engineer from US, UK, Dubai and across the world.

He shared with them how the world has transformed so greatly in the last 150 years because of the progress of science and technology. “Behind every successful development you see in the world, there is an engineer. You, as successful engineers, will have an opportunity to make a big difference in the life of others”

He narrated the engineering brilliance of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam to the freshmen. “When Dr.Kalam met a small child in an ashram, he found her crying and irked. When he enquired to the ashram’s executive, he told Dr.Kalam that the girl’s leg is affected by polio and she cannot walk properly without the support of a metal caliper. The one she wears is heavier than her body weight and that often causes her physical and mental agony. She was often irked by the pain and did not take proper food or sleep.

Upon seeing that little girl’s pain, Dr.Kalam and his team took a concept from rocket science (composite heat materials used for rockets which will be 10 times lighter) and applied it to make a weightless yet stronger and durable caliper to support the girl’s leg. The previous caliper weighed in kilograms but the new model from Dr.Kalam weighed in grams. The executive at the ashram handed over the new model to the girl, and from that day the girl stopped crying. Dr.Kalam had said it was bliss to see children smile after wearing the light-weight prosthesis on their legs designed by him and his team.

Shashikanth urged the students to gain knowledge, put it to good use and leave behind a legacy for others. He conveyed them that the degrees they earn has the power to take them anywhere in the world as engineers but he cautioned them that without technical knowledge and proper communication skills, the journey would not be a pleasant one.  “Love your mother tongue, at the same time learn English”, he suggested the freshmen.

He said that if they focus on their goals to become a competent engineer and work towards that objective in their collegiate period, victory will come towards them naturally. He wished them success and urged them all to be men and women of character and not just knowledge.

Suresh, Dean- Student affairs, KIT conveyed the highlights of the institution to the students.