Winter may bring a second wave of COVID

With lesser sunshine, more rain and cold, the season of winter is getting near us and COVID’s threat may be high on the coming season.

V.K. Paul, Niti Aayog Member said “we cannot rule out (a second coronavirus wave this winter in India). Things can happen and we are still learning about the virus”.

On the positive side, he said that in the recent days, India is getting back to better positions. “In India, the new coronavirus cases and number of deaths have declined in the last three weeks and the pandemic has stabilised in most of the states.” “However, there are five states (Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal) and 3-4 Union Territories (UTs), where there is still a rising trend.”

Speaking about India’s resources for vaccine delivery, he said “once the vaccine is available, there will be enough resources for delivering vaccines and making vaccines accessible to the citizens and there will be no concern about resources under those circumstances.”