Engine Doctor celebrates 1st Anniversary

Engine Doctor Group of Companies successfully completed their first year and celebrated the anniversary along with their machine-partners (investors) on Saturday.

The chief product of the company is their Decarbonizer, which has been aptly named Engine Doctor. This device is manufactured by the company and is not sold but provided on rental basis. “The equipment is a product of 5 years’ Research and Hard-work” said Z.R.Anand, MD, Engine Doctor Group of Companies.

This device assures to clean the carbon-deposit in vehicles – ranging from 2 wheelers to 4 wheelers and also to Genset Engines. All vehicles under 4500 CC engine can get benefitted from this device.

Partners who contributed to the manufacturing of these devices joined the first year anniversary celebrations and thanked Anand for providing good returns to their investment, and not failing even once, especially during COVID-19 pandemic period.

While addressing the partners, Anand shared the origin of the company and how it initially met lots of obstacles. He thanked his partners whom he referred as ‘Soulmates’ for being as one with him in his journey. He said that Engine Doctor’s plan is to make its presence on a global level. He said now they have around 300 partners and they still need 600 partners to make a huge impact in automobile industry and simultaneously contribute to the environment.

Anand underlined that their work is a noble deed – “we clean the carbon and help the vehicle owners get better mileage, enhanced performance and at the same time address the massive smoke pollution that happens day after day. By reducing carbon emission from vehicles, we can surely make our environment better. This is a pleasure to be indulged and a worthy investment too.”

It was highlighted at the event that the need for a valild pollution control certificate is soon going to become a must for vehicle-insurance related tasks, and penalty for pollution-causing vehicles to touch new highs soon, Engine Doctor is set to be a very needed product for the people and environment as well.

Anand promised the partners that by next years, Engine Doctor family will have a lot to cherish and look forward to, with even more new inventions on the line.
At the end of the event, Anand said that they are close to start a charity under the name Dhaanam Foundation, through which they have planned to feed the hungry at noon, all 7 days in the week. He made it clear that a portion of their profits will surely go for the welfare of the poor.