KMCH launches Post- COVID lung rehabilitation center

KMCH announces opening of its Post- COVID lung rehabilitation center and dedicated lung rehabilitation ward in KMCH. Leveraging the KMCH team skills in managing patients with advanced lung diseases awaiting for lung transplantation, KMCH will utilize these skills for post COVID disorders.

This center and ward is to cater to select number of patients who have persistent respiratory issues after COVID infection. Even 3 weeks after initial hospitalization, they may no longer are COVID positive but still have lung issues for which they have shortness of breath and still require oxygen and are in the hospital.

80% of people affected by COVID -19 have mild illness. 15-20% has moderate to severe illness requiring hospitalization. Surprisingly 60-80% of the patients who recovered from COVID -19 have some of symptoms like cough, fatigue, body ache, joint pain and tiredness for weeks to months. Researchers and patient groups use a term “Long Covid” for these ongoing symptoms.

Lung Fibrosis after COVID pneumonia is fortunately rare but old ages more than 65 with severe pneumonia requiring prolonged ICU stay, Ventilation and under nutrition are risk factors.

Severe COVID-19 patients are associated with rehabilitation needs related to the consequences of ventilator support and prolonged immobilization and rest, which may include: Impaired lung function; Physical deconditioning and muscle weakness; Delirium and other cognitive impairments; Impaired swallow and communication and Mental health disorders and psychological support.

Rehabilitation with multi-disciplinary team will help to bring back the life of post Covid patients to normal or near normal and make them independent to do their daily activities.

KMCH will offer this service to Moderate to severe COVID patients. (4 weeks Post 1st COVID test and also with recent Negative COVID test), who continue to require oxygen and other respiratory support even after the Acute Phase, and to those who continue to have breathlessness limiting day-to-day activities.

If patients feel that they have above problems they can contact KMCH team. After a preliminary talk through phone or they may be called to the center (KMCH –Pulmonary rehabilitation center) , once they arrive preliminary clinical evaluation will be performed to look for the eligibility, stability of physical condition and contra indications. Based on this they will offered Outpatient or Inpatient rehabilitation options. Patients can be transferred from other facilities.

For enquiries call at : +91 93449 14737  /  +91 97906 90153  (9.00 am – 4.00 pm)