Axis to educate investors the importance of SIP

Axis Mutual Fund has introduced its new digital campaign called “ShuruaatSIPse” with the aim to educate investors about the importance of SIPs to meet the intended financial objective.

The new digital campaign aims to make investors realize that at any given point in their lives, a secure investment portfolio will be of paramount prominence.

The digital campaign aims to bring home the point that whether we are aiming to start our career as a musician, or venturing into our own businesses, or even starting on the journey to create our own wealth, a systematic and disciplined form of investing is a must.

Investing regularly through the SIP route not only mitigates the fear of ‘right market timing’ but also help investors stay away from any emotional biases.

To make the investment journey easier for the investors, Axis Mutual Fund has revamped its mobile application to include a plethora of features. Right from adding multiple investments in the cart and checking out to resuming transactions in case of a drop off, and easy switching schemes, the app is one of the latest ones available in the market.

Furthermore, the app also enables investments through UPI, ability to make new investments and top-ups easily, access NAV updates, and account statements on the go.

From April 2020 onwards, investments from the app have grown at a rate of 30% month-on-month. Apart from this, the app contributes around 23% (as on September 2020) of the new Direct Investment in-Flow at Axis Mutual Fund.