Best Care for Children’s Digestive & Liver Ailments

-Dr. Thirumal, Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterologist, PSG Hospitals

Our Department at PSG Hospitals provides comprehensive quality care and treatment for all digestive and liver related problems like abdominal pain, indigestion, diarrhea, jaundice etc. We are specialized in management of inflammatory bowel diseases, pancreatitis, chronic diarrhea, chronic liver disease and its complications.

I am humbled to say that as a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, I add considerable value to the department of Gastroenterology at PSG. I joined this hospital in August 2020.  I am a Gold Medalist in my MD Pediatrics and also in DM Gastroenterology. I worked in a private hospital in Bengaluru for 3 years prior to joining PSG Hospitals. I have 12 years’ experience in offering pediatric care and 6 years in gastroenterology services.

We have state of art endoscopy suite and provide diagnostic and interventional endoscopy procedures like removal of ingested foreign body, control of bleeding vessels, ERCP etc.

The facilities here empower us to provide best care for children’s stomach related ailments. For instance, if a child’s liver has failed and it is critical, we have the facilities here to provide a Liver Transplant for the child.

Along with pediatric surgery team, we manage all surgical diseases like appendicitis, lump in abdomen etc.  Our team of gastroenterologists assure patients to provide quality care and people can make best use of our services.