Medical Oncology- The important Cancer Treatment

– Dr. Pandian Baskar Rao, Medical Oncologist, PSG Hospitals

Dr. Pandian Baskar Rao is a new addition to PSG Hospitals’ pool of skilled Cancer Care Providers. He has  14 years of experience in treating Cancer.

“There are various types of cancer, and to treat them, Medical, Surgical and Radiation treatment options are given.” “Medical Oncology uses Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Targeted Therapy to treat patients battling cancer.”

“I am a Medical Oncologist and I have expertise in Radiation Oncology as well. For 3 years, I worked in Chennai, and during 2013-16, I did my DM in Medical Oncology (a super- specialty post doctorate course in the field of medicine) at Chennai Medical College.”

“After that I worked at Trichy and then at private hospital in Coimbatore before coming to PSG.”

“I would not say Medical Oncology is the only best modality among Surgery and Radiation. The level of care one modality provides can be elevated by the other.”

“The treatment options have changed a lot over the years. For treating certain cancers we have Targeted Therapy methods today to destroy only the cancerous cells in a patient’s body. There are so many advancements in the field now, and we could say without any doubts that PSG Hospitals has all the modern infrastructure and well-qualified team to treat cancers in the best way. ”

“As our hospital is empaneled under CM’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, patients who have registered under this scheme can get quality cancer care easily at PSG Hospitals.”