1800 121 203040 – One phone call can help you shred your sorrow

Invisible threats have been causing lots of distress to humans more this year. News about the pandemic, downsizing of labors, tension over competitive exams, relationship trauma and all such emotional disturbances have been prevailing among us today.

To give quality support to those fighting their mental conflicts, Coimbatore based NGO – NG Chandran Charities launched ND Prana Lifeline – its toll-free suicide prevention & mental wellness counselling number – 1800 121 203040 in Jan, 2020.

With October 10 being observed as World Mental Health Day every year, NG Chandran Charities’ Managing Trustee Sashi Chandran and Executive Trustee Sudha Sundaram explained how their ND Prana Lifeline and Counselling have been helping stressed individuals.

Sashi Chandran said that their counselling method does not involve advising a caller. Knowing that advising usually furthers the callers’ guilt and grief, the counsellors at NG try to understand their pain and convey them how they can heal themselves and come out of it. Sashi added that their counselling approach is holistic, and does not label the caller’s predicament as an act of right or wrong.  In our culture, we give importance to human’s value. As of late that human connection is missing. When the mentally stressed people could find someone to share their grief, it can heal. At NG Chandran Charities, the counsellors are working passionately to improve the caller’s quality of life by helping them to improve their mental health, Sashi added.

It was conveyed that during this lockdown and pandemic period, call-flow to their lifeline has been high.  Jei Nisha, a counsellor at NG said that the age of callers range from 17 to 60 and people mostly at the age of 50 call and share their burden due to financial stress. After their counselling, they received follow-up calls from the same people, who have started to see life in a positive way. Some are even helping others in stress to come out of it.

Sudha Sundaram said that simultaneously three phone-calls could be made to this helpline anywhere in the country. Counselling will be given in Tamil, English, Malayalam and Hindi between 9.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. for any emotional distress.