Amazon India launches a New Specialized Fulfilment Centre 

Gearing up for the festive season, Amazon India today announced the launch of a specialized Fulfilment Centre (FC) in Tamil Nadu, along with the expansion of an existing FC. The new specialized FC will offer close to 7 lakh cubic feet of storage space, housing lakhs of products in the large appliance and furniture category. 

With this infrastructure expansion, will now offer storage capacity of close to 3 Million cubic feet across 5 fulfilment centres to its more than 43000 sellers in Tamil Nadu. 

The expansion will contribute to the economic growth in the State while creating thousands of work opportunities for locals. The expansion in Tamil Nadu is a part of Amazon India’s recently announced plans to add 10 new Fulfilment Centres and expand 7 existing sites across India. It is also a part of Amazon’s continued focus on making e-commerce seamlessly accessible to every consumer and to help optimize the day-to-day operations for Amazon’s sellers. 

Amazon India’s commitment to Tamil Nadu: 

  • 5 Fulfilment Centres in Tamil Nadu with close to 3 Million cubic feet of storage space.
  • 2 Sort Centres in the State with close to 75000 square feet of processing space.
  • Strong delivery network with more than 120Amazon-owned and Delivery Service partner stations in Tamil Nadu
  • More than 43000 sellers in Tamil Nadu
  • Thousands of ‘I Have Space’ stores in Tamil Nadu
  • Top categories include – Smartphones, large appliances, fashion, consumer electronics and grocery.